Back to basics

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Why I Blog sums it up. It’s a history of blogging and it defines what blogging was all about before it became a paid gig for a factory of polished content on niche topics. Before that, the niche was was an individual. Not the topics that interested him or in which he was qualified to discuss.

For too long I have tried to systematize my blog. Every post has been painstakingly pigeon-holed into one of five topics then tagged and excerpted. Each topic thoroughly researched, sometimes with keywords.

I love writing but the system takes the life out of it. There are MIT graduates and web professionals, and psychiatrists, and theologians who are far more qualified to write about most of the topics I stumble across.

The great thing about a blog is that the system doesn’t matter. The level of experience doesn’t matter. Honestly, the quality barely matters. In the end it is the author that matters. It is his unique perspective and yes, possibly his qualifications regarding a specific topic. And I guess that these days we need a little more author and a little less topic.