Reverse Osmosis Systems, from an Idiot's Perspective

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

RO Tube Map/Brundlefly

In our new house we have this Reverse Osmosis system for our main sink and fridge. Mmm, cold H20 , non-alcoholic, sweet tasting, carbon-free, odorless, and with reduced mineral deposits. It’s actually amazing given that Phoenix water has been proven to generate extraneous limbs in lab ratstastes awful. What they don’t tell you when you buy a house with an RO system, however, is that you will be inheriting a nightmare akin to Brundlefly after he was melded with the teleporter—a mass of tubes and wires, plus membranes, filters, and flow restrictors.

Anyway, Mary noticed a huge leak coming from the drinking faucet and asked me to fix it. Unfortunately what I assumed would be a 30 minute project ended up taking all day. I’ve adapted this diagram from and Enchanted Learning to fully explain what I had to deal with.


While I was working on the RO Tube Map/Brundlefly post, Mary and I had the following conversation with our daughter:

[Mary question’s Madeline]

“Who’s that Madeline?”

[Maddie looks at the picture on the computer screen and quickly replies]

” > MOMMY > !”

Oh that was so funny...