Vacation Preparation

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Mary and I have two very different styles of preparation for a vacation. Essentially, we prepare the way our parents prepare.
Mary’s mom will sound the alarm a couple of weeks in advance to get folks thinking about the upcoming vacation. Next, the buying begins. You cannot go anywhere without the proper supplies. Finally, the packing begins with Dad getting ordered all over town to pick up extras. Her family fills vacations with non-stop fun and excitement from the first moment.

My family, on the other hand will talk about the trip maybe once before it comes. On the day of the trip, my mother will pack frantically. It is every man for himself. The only one who ever tried to move us along was my dad. I think he was probably bored. We will eventually meander out of the house more than 2 hours late. Vacation consists of staring at a fire and sleeping.

I am not criticizing either method—both have their pros and cons. It gets interesting when the pros and cons come together under one roof. What different worlds!