Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Beta 2 (Whew!)

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I noticed today that Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Beta 2 is out. I’ve just started using ASP .NET WebMatrix and I’m wondering if support for it will continue, or if the final version of Visual Web Developer will take its place. It makes me wonder how much time I should spend with WebMatrix in terms of creating wizards for it, or plug-ins etc. Not that I have, but I’m getting to the point where I might want to. For example, to create a wizard that creates Insert, Update, Delete, and Select statements or stored procedures all at once.

I’m interested in WebMatrix for two reasons:

  • It helps me to learn .NET because I have to manually code everything
  • It is a free way to develop on the latest .NET framework If you’re wondering, I have Visual Studio .NET, but it’s version 2002 which uses the .NET 1.0 Framework. Of course we’re up to 1.1 now and there are some features that I would like to use in it.

Well now there are features in ASP .NET 2.0 that I would like to use and I’m not quite sure how to use them. For example, Master Pages have been added to 2.0 and I really want to use them. But how? What is the best track for a lowly developer such as myself? I’m not sure, but I will find out later today!

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UPDATE : Check out MasterPages here

UPDATE : Silly me, I forgot that if you want to develop on " ASP .NET 2.0" you have to install the 2.0 Framework, duh. The non-authoritative answer to my question is that VS Web Developer will be the successor to WebMatrix, and you’ll probably have to pay for it. It’s a light version of VS.NET 2.0. Also, WebMatrix apparently assumes the latest installed verison of .NET framwork but will jack up all of your apps developed on previous versions if you don’t target it back. Check this thread out.