Finally! Same-sex marriage in Arizona

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Attorney General Tom Horne finally gave up the fight against same-sex marriage in Arizona! It’s official as of Friday, October 17—if you’re gay, you can legally tie the knot.

This ruling overturns two Arizona laws — one is a ban on same-sex marriages passed by the Legislature, and another is an amendment to the Arizona Constitution, which was passed by voters, that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Robin and Renee were there, and were on the cover of the Arizona Republic today, and featured on AZ Central:

In August, they married legally in Hawaii, so Friday’s decision didn’t mean a trip to the courthouse.

“It was all worth it, absolutely 100 percent,” Renee said. “We decided to fight for our family and our kids. To see this overturned and all this excitement happening … I’ve been shaking all morning.”

So a hearty congratulations go out to all of our same-sex friends and family! You deserved this victory!