Here's a Quick Way to Grow Your Business

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There are lots of ways that you can grow your business: phone book, television, and newspaper ads; Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft AdCenter, or Search 1-2-3; cold calling, mailers, and flyers. But there is one thing that is more valuable and more effective than all of these, and it’s free. It’s nothing new, nor groundbreaking. It can be done wherever you are at almost any time of day. It can be online, on the phone, or in a card but it can’t be found in any of the things I mentioned above.

I’m talking about relationships.

When you build a relationship you build a referral network, and the larger that network gets the more effective it becomes. Here’s how it works: you start referring friends to friends and then they start referring friends to you. You’ll end up with a lot of great leads and it’ll be a lot more fun than cold-calling!