How Much Does a 10 Page Website Cost?

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This is the third installment of a four part series dedicated to answering the question “how much will it cost me to build a website?”

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Prices for web design and development in review

So we’ve established a baseline hourly rate and some general website prices, so how are these actually used to determine the cost of good website design? In an attempt to make this as practical as possible we’ll answer the question, “how much does a 10 page website cost?”

But first, a couple of assumptions

I’m going to assume that we’ll by applying The Secret of Great Small Business Websites (using a Content Management System), which will save tons of time and money. I will also be assuming that this is a brand new website. The pages will need to be created from scratch, domain name purchased etc.

How much time does it take?

Here’s a breakdown of each task that would be involved in creating a 10 page website. Again these times are estimates and can totally vary. Remember that Bajooter just uses all this stuff to make sure that we have a good baseline.

Domain Registration21
Install CMS 11
Basic CMS Configuration2.251
Install theme.51
Standard page creation1.501
Configure core modules.53
Configure contributed modules13
Research and Design241
E-Mail Configuration.15
Create Template401
Submit to Relevant Search Engines41

And the website setup pricing total is…

Assuming the rate we previously determined of $84.04 per hour, the total cost of our fictitious 10 page website would be $8,508.16.

Beware. The peril of a $500 website

I can already hear the murmuring…”That’s waaay too expensive, I bought my website for $500,” and, “My website was totally free (as long as I keep these 300 pop-up ads on the side).”

In my next post I’ll address what I would have to sacrifice in order to sell a website for $500. Until then, don’t waste money on a website that won’t work for you.

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