There's money to be had in letting go

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So there’s this trend. I will call it 80’s Revival Shit That Makes No Sense. It’s fueled by bright, fully saturated colors; fucking keytars, sythesizers and reverb-laden drum beats; people with blown out or chopped off hair, dressed as animals; random shit. They have something to say; I swear they do; some deeper meaning is buried within the flashing images. Maybe there’s a message in the madness. Maybe the message is the madness.

Maybe we’re all like, “Fuck it.” Maybe we’re bored of putting the corporate edge on all the same shit: the perfectly legible, yet not too trendy font face; the shades of gray; the vectorized logos which prevent pixelation and unwanted aliasing; the boxes; the heirarchy of content headings and paragraphs; perfectly placed bullet points; copy that is is edited and A/B tested to maximize conversions to pull a higher profit margin.

    cut through the bullshit.
  allow chaos for long enough to get everyone's attention.
    flood out all the perfectly researched, consumer-tested

Maybe the madness is the message.

So we let the words fall off the screen; forget the font; don’t perfectly place everything; don’t edit ourselves; fight that urge, that need to self correct; forget the rules; the boundaries; the best practices; don’t consider the audience; or the legacy. Embrace this craziness; think only about this; these words; right now; this moment.

For a brief moment, maybe I’ll put down the camera; stop the video; close the browser; turn off the other screen; put my phone in my pocket; silence it, not just put it on vibrate, but take out the fucking battery; put on headphones but don’t play any music; isten to the ringing in my ears; the air conditioner running in the background; the paint on the wall; the faint sound of music in the next room over; the smell of old coffee; the cursor flashing on the screen… and just wait