The Honey-Did that I Didn't Do: Unclogging the Drain

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Employees must wash their hands

This week’s “honey-did” was supposed to be unclogging any drains that are stopped up around the house. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to any of my chores, let alone my honey-did for the week. Good thing I still have 6 days to get it done.

Here are a couple of tips for unclogging drains around the house.

Don’t use chemicals

First and foremost, don’t ever put Drano (lye, sodium hydroxide), or Rooto (sulfuric acid) down the drain. Although very different—one is a base the other is an acid—they can both be pretty bad.

  • First if you ever mix either of these chemicals with any other chemical, say bleach or ammonia which are pretty common household chemicals, you could cause some very dangerous reactions.
  • Second, they can be very corrosive to certain types of metals. Unless you know what kind of pipes you have running through your house you can’t really be sure that you won’t hurt them.
  • Third, a lot of times it won’t work. In my experience the method I’m going to show you is the most effective and can clear up almost any clog.
  • Fourth, for the sake of your health and the health of the environment it’s better to use non toxic stuff.

Use pliers or a plunger

Nine times out of ten it’s just hair (and some other very gross stuff) that needs to be dislodged. In these cases all you need to do is take the strainer or stopper off and pull out the buildup. I like to put on a pair of latex gloves, and grab a pair of needle nose pliers so I don’t have to touch it. It will be the most disgusting thing you’ve ever done and I almost vomit every time. If you’re a little queasy, you might want to try using a plunger first. Sometimes it will push the buildup through without any effort.

If that doesn’t work you’ve got more than a 5 minute honey-did on your list. Make this one a project and milk it for bonus points.

Photo by ratterrell