Steve on RSS and Web Design

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…reading well-designed web sites in an RSS read does nothing to stimulate my creative juices. I realized this today after opening a post from StopDesign in Firefox and going “sooooo beautiful!…”

Good point. I often don’t realize any change has been made to a website until I read a blog post about the new design or something. Case in point: Steve recently upgraded his version of Wordpress and in the upgrade his site design changed. Who knows how long it was like that before he posted about it. Shortly thereafter he changed the header image to something “soooo beautiful”, at least I thought. But I would have missed it if I hadn’t gone to visit his site for some reason later on.

So I will try to go to people’s websites more often. I usually will follow a link if I am interested in a post, _and it’s cut off in my feed reader,_although it doesn’t always have to be cut off for me to visit.

So here are a couple of points I get from all this: