Aftermarket Movie Review: The Kite Runner

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed


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I thought I’d take a break from my regular nightly work on The Wilderness to watch a movie with Mary. We watched the movie The Kite Runner and it sure was good. It’s about a boy and his life in Afghanistan with his father and servants.

I loved seeing what the culture was like. The markets and their homes. The language. Oh and the traditions—honor, respect, marriage. What a rich culture that I would have otherwise overlooked.

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Kite Runner Title

Not to trivialize my previous diatribe but the title sequence was incredible. The calligraphy was not only beautiful but incredibly well done ( IMHO ). I couldn’t believe how well one set of words would fade off screen and lead into the next.

This was an excellent movie, and if you’re fine with movies that use subtitles you’ll love it.


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