Cambodia: December 2

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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

We wake up pretty early here.  For the rest of the trip it will be about 5:30AM so we can have some quite time with God.

Today we went to the Toul Sleng Prison Museum.  I’ve been here before but I still learned some new things.  The prison is where the Khmer Rouge too people to interview themto find out whether or not they were smart, where their families were, names of their intelligent buddies, etc.  They registered every person who came through.  Torture them, put them in a cell, torture them some more.  After getting the information they need, the person would walk to the a field to be killed, or to work. That was a pretty heavy way to start the morning.

We went to the “Russian Market”.  It’s really neat.  You can get nice shirts for $2.00!  Mary got a lot of nice clothes: Gap shirts, Old Navy jeans and Old Navy shirts.  I bought some shorts and several fake brand name t-shirts.