Here's An Easy Way to Earn Money Blogging

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This post has stuff about politics. My perspective has changed


So I just signed up with Pay Per Post ( PPP ) maybe a week ago and so far I’m pretty happy with it. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the service, it’s essentially a way for advertisers to generate buzz, to promote their products and services, or for bloggers to get blog reviews (via the badges at the end of each post, for example). This is done mainly through bloggers who are paid to write sponsored posts for advertisers. And it’s a great way for bloggers to make a little extra cash.

Well I was talking to Steve the other day about how I signed up and he mentioned a concern which I found very interesting.

He contends that posting a paid link violates the trust of your readers. Basically, as a reader you are trusting the author to post content that he or she thinks is relevant or interesting in some way. One may not actually endorse a sponsored product or service that they are blogging about, however. I guess it would be like reading a supposedly conservative newspaper and finding out that they had been taking money from liberal presidental candidates in return for a little more buzz than usual. It just feels wrong.

On the other hand, I’ve never blogged about anything that I wouldn’t have blogged about anyway. There are always so many different opportunities to choose from that it’s really easy to fit something into whatever topic your blog may be about. I for one would never compromise the quality of my posts for the sake of an extra post or two and I don’t get the impression that many of the bloggers signed up on Pay Per Post would either. What’s more is that PPP has some pretty good guidelines regarding how many paid posts can be posted in a day and how they must be disclosed. I chose to post a general disclosure policy but you can also choose to do an in-post disclosure if the advertiser permits it.

So I’d love to know what you think. What are your thoughts about paid posting? What about blogging for money in general? Do you want to sign up ;)