Building Biz Love Local - The Concept

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As a business owner I really appreciate the value of a good testimonial. The problem is that it’s often difficult to get folks to take the time to write their thoughts down. We thought we’d make it a little easier to get get quotes from customers by creating a website called Biz Love Local.

Introducing Biz Love Local

Biz Love is essentially a forum for bragging on your company. It’s all positive. It’s not a business ratings website, although we may incorporate something like that in the future.

So how does it work?

  1. You create an account for your business. Include a link to your website, mention any credentials, affiliations, etc. For example, we’d mention that we’re members of the Better Business Bureau and the Chandler Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Someone you know finds your page (or you could send them a link) and writes what they love about your business.
  3. You get an email letting you know that you’ve got some Praise that needs approved or deleted, this way you have control over the kind of testimonials that are posted about your business. This isn’t a forum for complaints, just plain old Biz Love.

Why use Biz Love?

  • Build more links to your business website
  • Build consumer confidence
  • Generate usable testimonials
  • It’s free!

The idea is that when someone types in “Company XYZ ” they see in the list of results “5 Folks Love Company XYZ . ” It’s an instant confidence booster.

When will it be released?

Biz Love is coming in the near future. We will be keeping you apprised of it’s status here. In fact, we’re going to do better than that. We’re going to walk you through its development step by step, so that you can see how a website is created from start to finish.