Faith and Entertainment

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This post has stuff about religion. My perspective has changed

I wanted to outline at interesting series of posts between Kristen and Jodion Faith and Entertainment.

I think it started here when Kristen begins to reconcile an interesting dichotomy within Christians. It seems that we want to glorify God but we’re having a hard time letting go of media that doesn’t (IE books, music, and movies).

Jodi responds that Christians live by grace and cannot be bound to legalistic rules and regulations, and that in fact, all things are permissible.

Then Kristen talks about examining media ruthlessley before the word to determine whether it is glorifying to God.

Finally, Jodi discusses how it is possible to find (or create) some evil, unglorifying-to-God, thing in anything if we try.

For now this is all I have to offer on the subject but I will post more about it once I’ve thought this out a bit more.