Radical Man-Feminists Point a Hypocritical Finger

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This post has stuff about LGBT and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

I am disgusted with the Salon review of Guyland. The whole thing is choc-full of hypocritical anti-male rhetoric and pretentious gender-neutralism. Take the following deluge of male abasement, paraphrased from two paragraphs alone, for example:

  • Masculinity is a disease
  • Masculinity is inherently sexist
  • Real men must approve of homosexuality
  • Getting married and having children is sexist
  • Masculinity is a cult

If someone were to say that femininity is a cult, millions would cry foul. Ironically, when the same statements perpetrate masculinity the vast denizens of radical feminists and their male lap dogs give a collective applause. If feminists and their man-pets are going to eradicate sexism, they should start by pointing the finger at themselves.