Movie Review: Click

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

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After reading Plugged In Online’s review of Click I wasn’t sure that I should rent the movie. I’ve seen most of Sandler’s movies, though, and so I reasoned “It can’t be any more crude than anything else he’s made.” So I rented it…and I’m glad that I did!

Click is about a guy who gains the ability to control the pace of life, much like a movie, through a “universal remote control.” He can fast forward through the bad stuff and pause at the “good stuff”—cue classic Sandler innuendo. If you can get around the jokes and cleavage you’ll be absolutely blindsided by an amazingly thought-provoking word to the wise: If you skip all the stuff in life that makes you upset, frustrated or bored—morning traffic, fights with your spouse, walking the dog, dinner with the in-laws (I actually love hanging out with my in-laws!), etc—you completely miss out. I think it’s a point that our culture needs to hear. The bright, hot sun would just be annoying if there wasn’t ever a cold, dark night.

Note: I would have rated this movie much lower due to its pervasive, crude and immodesty but the point it makes alone would have rated it a 10 out of 5 on my scale.

My rating: 4.5 stars