Why Do We Blog?

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This post has stuff about politics. My perspective has changed

Last month PEW Internet published the results of a phone survey regarding blogging.
> A national phone survey of bloggers finds that most are focused on describing their personal experiences to a relatively small audience of readers and that only a small proportion focus their coverage on politics, media, government, or technology. Blogs, the survey finds, are as individual as the people who keep them. However, most bloggers are primarily interested in creative, personal expression — documenting individual experiences, sharing practical knowledge, or just keeping in touch with friends and family. > Pew Internet: Pew Internet – Bloggers> . 08 Aug 2006. [Online] > Pew Internet> .
Powezek highlights some interesting points from that survey such as:
* The most popular topic among bloggers is their life and experiences.

  • For most, blogging is a hobby, not an activity that consumes their lives.

What I think is so cool about this survey is that it begins to shed some light on why we bloggers do what we do: family, creative expression, hobby. The main reason we blog on this website is to keep in touch with our family and friends.

I hope that we keep this site going for a long time. It will be a lot of fun to read through all these old posts in a few years. It will be even more fun to read through them with our children—and they’ll have the chance to make fun of us for stuff that we’ve said. Now that I think of it though, it might be a little weird to be blogging at 46 with a full grown daughter and a few more teenagers (hopefully) around the house. Maybe by then I will be writing in full on editorial prose regarding topics like global warming and budget deficits and I won’t really even care. I wonder if I’ll turn into Rush Limbaugh.