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Server Change

Our web hosting provider moved our websites to a different server a couple of days ago and I didn’t find the notification email from them until after they made the move. We lost a bunch of email and this website is a bit buggy still. Sorry for the downtime.

Posting Schedules

I’m going to be posting more on Bajooternow, so my posting schedule is going to change a little bit here. It was previously Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but will likely move to just once a week now. Bajooter will be taking the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule and Atomic Euphonic will still be once a month.

I’ll be posting a lot about my experience running my own business over at Bajooter, so if that is of interest to you come on over and check it out. I’ve already got a pretty good mix of technical and non-technical posts, some of which have been getting some pretty good traffic. It’s also got a great new design that’s worth checking out as well.
I think that’s about it. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…or not so regular, I guess.