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This is Jameson and his partner in crime. Notice that little popper toy. Notice the location. Yes it’s a parking lot. How did we arive at this situation? Well it’s simple:

They suckered me.

I thought it would be nice to get a board game for the adults to play. Where does one buy board games? At Toys ‘R’ Us of course. First mistake. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Second was when mama, ever so coy, batted her eyes and asked if he could play with the toy. Sure, I thought, what’s the harm. So then he’s pulling it everywhere through the store which is really cute.

Time to check out and the kid pitches a fit, of course. It was the perfect trifecta so yeah I totally caved and bought it. They got me. They got me good…but isn’t it so cute?!