Tax Refunds and the Terrorific Twos

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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

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I doubt we’ll get a tax refund this year. I don’t know yet because we haven’t completed our taxes. Yes I know that today is the deadline. Hope I don’t go to prison. We’ve been working hard to get our taxes done on timearguing instead of doing our taxes. I think that’s pretty common among married couples. Finances are one of those difficult marital areas. Well anyway. I finished up the last part of the business accounts last night so now we have a pretty good idea of how great we did last yearhow miserably we failed. I guess we won’t know the truth until the accountant takes a look over everything.

Last year sure was crazy! Apartment life, going full-time with Bajooter, marriage problems, our second baby, a new house, and then a new job. All that is certainly going to be reflected in our tax return. Hopefully we’ll at least break even.

The fun thing about tax day is that it’s Madeline’s birthday. This year she’s 2. She’s certainly been showing signs of “terribleness” but really I think it’s just some communications issues. It’s like she wants to say something but doesn’t have the words. Other times it’s like she doesn’t understand what we’re trying to tell her. She’s really terrific though and has such a pleasant personality. Happy Birthday baby girl, even though you can’t read yet!

Photo by Kathleen Franklin