Christmas for Kayla?

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This post has stuff about religion. My perspective has changed

Kayla in the bed

I don’t know that I love my dog enough to buy her gourmet dog treats but I am really happy for her lately. Since we moved in to our new house she can do her business any time she wants and she has a little place to run and play without us having to take her for a walk.

We’ve really been enjoying throwing the ball to her. Of course we can only use real tennis balls because she eats those toy ones that you get at the store like they’re hot brownies smothered in ice cream and covered with fudge. Mmmm. Anyway, I swear that dog would play fetch all day long if you gave her the chance.

I don’t want to get too sappy here but maybe this Christmas we should get her a gift. I don’t remember the last time we gave her a gift. I think we celebrated her birthday the first year we had her. Hmm. Maybe we could just get her fixed. Or maybe we could get her a nice dog bed like this one. Maybe we could get her to stop getting on our bed that way. I think she’d probably eat it though. Or maybe we could get her something more like a kennel. ;) I just don’t know. Is it weird to buy your dog a gift? Do you buy your pets presents?