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This post has stuff about a previous relationship and eating meat. My perspective has changed

I recently watched the four things meme circle around the blogger community. It was pretty neat to read a little about all the folks-mostly web designers-that I look up to on a professional level. Every time I would see another one of the big bloggers get tagged I kinda wished that I’d get tagged too. (Getting tagged is like an invitation to complete the meme). But I never got the invite.

By definition a meme is exclusive. In this case it seemed that only the elite were doing it. I didn’t want to be a dork and just do it without being invited so I casually let it slip by. But today Mary discovered the meme and decided to post it, no tag, no shame.

It reminded me that the Internet is a huge place. Not everyone knows about the latest meme that some “web-design and usability specialist” comes up with; not everyone is a part of that community. Besides, it’s still fun for someone who’s never seen it before.
And so, for fun and to spite the old thing, I now present you with Four Things:

Four Jobs you’ve had in your life
1. Boat Instructor

  1. Dam Tour Guide

  2. Bus Driver

  3. Programmer

Four things on tape you could watch over and over
1. Star Wars I

  1. Star Wars II

  2. Star Wars III

  3. Star Wars IV-VI ;)

Four places you’ve lived
1. Page, AZ

  1. Dallas, TX

  2. Phoenix, AZ

  3. That’s it actually

Four favorite places you’ve been on vacation
1. Lake Powell

  1. Summer Bay Resort

  2. Paris

  3. Zion National Park

Four websites you visit daily
1. Gmail

  1. Signal vs. Noise

  2. A List Apart

  3. Bloglines

Four t.v. shows you love to watch

Don’t watch TV. I liked the Power Puff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory a lot. :)

Four of your favorite foods
1. Chicken Caserole

  1. Stuffed Bakers

  2. “Cult” Pizza

  3. Orange Juice + Tequilla (does that count?)

Four places I would rather be right now

I don’t think I’d like to be anywhere else but home, here in my office, with my wife.

Four things you always carry with you
1. Watch

  1. “Wallet” (Rubber band with some stuff in it)

  2. Cell phone

  3. PDA

Four bloggers I’m tagging

Per the above commentary about memes, I am tagging everyone. Especially Chris.