A New Perspective on Drinking and Christianity

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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

When it comes to Christians and drinking I think my perspective is a little different than most. But in order to explain why, I think I should give a little background.

I’ve been a Christian my whole life. My testimony is that I realized you don’t have to fall into a world of sin in order to understand the grace of God. I’ve only been drunk once in my life. I’ve never done drugs. I am smoking a tobacco pipe as I type this. I have a degree in theology from a conservative college. I turned 28 today.

Once while I was in Bible school I went to a venue with some Christian friends to see a band play. I didn’t realize that the venue was also a bar. I confessed this to the dean of men and was asked to write a report regarding why Christian leaders are to remain above reproach in the area of drinking and going to bars. I did all the research I could but in the end that’s all I could turn in. Nothing really conclusive came of it.

Fast forward a few years later when it dawned on me that the whole issue of drinking is really a non issue. As Christians in America we are taught to believe that drinking is wrong. But why? Folks will cite sub-par scriptural evidence that is mostly isagetical (relying on extrabiblical interpretation) in nature like “the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit”, and “the wine Jesus drank was different than wine today.” But when you put scripture in its proper context and remove the conjecture about the type of wine Jesus may or may not have been drinking the only thing you’re left with is dogma and preference.

I recommend we start from scratch here. Let’s try and detach ourselves from our cultural norms and think about this from a fresh perspective.

I’ve been to a couple of bars in my life. I never really liked them but they were a decent place to sit down and have some good conversation with my wife. Rather, I prefer to sit down with my friends and family either at home or at a restaurant. A totally different environment for sure. But have I sinned by going to a restaurant? Nope. Have I sinned by staying at my house? Nope. Have I engaged in drunkenness? Nope. Have I engaged in a revelry of any sort? Nope. So what then is wrong about drinking?

You tell me. But do me a favor and try doing it without citing the two examples I gave above. If you come up with something I’d be happy to consider it.