The Standoff Continues

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It’s been over 24 hours now, since the standoff between my body and its illness have been at it. I’ve had every symptom imaginable now: runny nose, pain in my ears, extreme discomfort swallowing, high fever, achy everything, and even the inability to be a kind and loving husband—go figure.

I’ve already missed two days of work, and I’m going on the third and fourth. Although I’ve barely left the bed for these two days there was still a debate that managed to take place somewhere between the groggy after-effects of the Theraflu and painful morning reminder that I am very ill.

It almost doesn’t matter how sick I am but I almost always ask the question “When am I too sick for work?” A quick foray over to WebMD quickly provides the answer to my burning question:

You’re too sick when

  • You’re dangerous to others
  • You’re contagious
  • You won’t be productive

NPR interviewed Michael Smith, the chief medical editor of WebMD, regarding these points and he certainly shed some light on the issue. It’s worth checking out, especially if you’re bed ridden and you’ve got nothing else to do but sleep and drink Theraflu.

Photogrphy by Keisuke Omi