The New Blueprint CSS Architect is Now Easier Than Ever

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This post has stuff that is outdated. Blueprint CSS Architect is gone

I spent last night and today hacking away on the Blueprint CSS Architect tool. I realized that it was difficult to use and it required a lot of setup that I perceived as a deterrent to its success.

The latest iteration of Blueprint CSS Architect has a couple of new features that I would like to introduce you to.

No downloading, installing, or fiddling

It was lame to have to download a tool that might not even work for you. So I made it a web-based tool. It is GPL , you can still have the code. I will even email you the PHP files if that suits your fancy. The major difference is that you do not have to do anything before trying it out.

Paste, select, layout

Now you can simply paste your XHTML framework into a textarea, select the IDs that you want to edit, and then start laying out your template. Once you are satisfied just hit the Get CSS button.

The whole thing is still super-alpha so if you have problems drop me a line and I will try and get it fixed. Note: I am aware that several margin properties are generated for styles. Use the lowest one down for now until I get it fixed.

Try it out now, you don’t even need any XHTML —you can just copy and paste the code that is provided in the form.