Quail bros

We decided to be Quail Bro's this morning by building a tiny cardboard fence near the edge of the pool so baby quail don't fall in.

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A diagram of the quail-run and cardboard fence we made, by .

Every year quail lay their eggs in our planters. Unfortunately, the little baby chicks are a super crazy when they are learning how to walk, and a bunch of them usually fall into the pool :skull: Jameson and I decided to be awesome and build a tiny cardboard fence to keep them from falling in! (so they don’t “get died”)

He insisted that we build slides for them to get down, even though it’s a 4 foot drop out of the nest. Maybe they will have fun. There are garden gnomes, AKA quail guardians, placed thoughtfully at the top and bottom of the quail-run for moral support and high fives as they journey away from certain death.