Goodbye Facebook and Google

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Facebook is getting shady so I deleted my account.

  • Their new user agreement states that all of your content is theirs even if you close your account
  • It is now offering its user database as a market research tool to corporations
  • The Beacon service displayed private purchases users made on other sites in their news feeds

It’s more ad-mongering and I am tired of being used by corporations. Services like Facebook are profiting from your personal information and from the content you create on their website.

I also canceled my Google accounts including Gmail, AdSense, Analytics, and Docs. Do they explicitly say “by using Google Reader you are making a purchase.” Nope. But it’s true except you don’t pay money—at least directly. You pay with your attention, and with the content you generate for them, and well, with your personal information including habits, likes, dislikes, personality, locality, and more. Eventually they will convert that information into a sale for which you will pay actual money.

I would rather maintain an honest relationship with a service provider, paying them up-front for their services in return for a guarantee that I will not be pestered with ads, that my content will remain my own, and that my information will not be sold off. How about a little respect.

BTW , Twitter had better get this right or I’ll be jumping ship with them as well.

If you haven’t read my Anti-Advertising Manifesto, make sure to check it out.