4 Essential Skills That Every Aspiring Ninja Must Learn

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</param></param>In my quest for Ninjadom I’ve decided that the ultimate warrior must gain complete mastery of 3 important skills:

  1. Jumping off of or over really high things
  2. Scaling, walking, or running up high things
  3. Doing flips (especially off of high things)
  4. Gravity defying mid-air changes of direction

Aspiring Ninjas should wear their karate uniforms at all times to maximize their potential for carnage. As we all know, thugs cannot resist the temptation to beat up on dudes in Ninja suits. Alternatively (at least according to the above video) an aspiring Ninja can wear whatever he wants as long as he’s wearing a backpack. It is also completely acceptable and is in fact preferred by many to go without a shirt. You’ve got to be especially bad to go without a shirt though, because getting chopped with a sword would hurt more and there’s no way to hide secret weapons like smoke bombs and throwing stars.