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Dynamic Humanoid H5

I wonder if the world of the future as depicted in the movies is always so green and lush in order to offset the world’s complete and total inundation with information. As our infolust turns into overload what will happen to the Internet? How will it change?

Regurgitation: Mmm web vomit fresh from my third stomach

It’s the same routine. Day after day. Stumble. Digg. Any interesting sites go to Ma.gnolia. Those sites get posted to Reddit and so on. But it feels to me as if the well has begun to dry up, or more precisely, become so full that it has become commonplace.

With the exception of DarkCopy, which I just Stumbled upon, there has been nothing notable for days, maybe even a week. And so it seems that the webizens have been forced to regurgitate the already overhyped media of yesterday. And around it goes.

Culmination: Arrg my head is going to esplode

Maybe I’m suffering from information overload. That seems quite possible these days. But I have this growing sense that this is culminating into something more. I’m sure there are others that feel the same way. What’s going to happen with it all?

On the one hand so much great content has been made available to the public as free resources. I’ve seen it propel web design and development forward at lightning speed. But on the other hand it’s resulted in sites that, while proving to be a helpful resource, are nothing more than meta Internet directories—essentially very focused web directories of the most prominent and helpful resources related to the topic at hand.

Take Smashing Magazine for example. It’s a blog, yes, but every single post is nothing more than a list of notable resources. Don’t get me wrong, I love the site and it’s certainly been helpful but where’s the art in it? It’s nothing but pictures, links and light annotation.

How long will it be before computers can successfully replicate this formula on any topic, on demand, and ad nauseam? I’m sure we’ll read it on the web…

Oh and by the way this wasn’t really written by a robot, it was written by me, Dustin Boston, a real life human being as you can clearly see.

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