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Yay, Markdown got a standard! Here’s the TL;DR:

Standard Markdown Common Markdown, as it’s called, is a “Flavorless Markdown” based on consensus gained by comparing 20+ flavors of Markdown, and some sound judgement from John MacFarlane. It has a formal spec, test suites, and implementations in portable C and JavaScript, all available on Github. A bunch of awesome geeks from Berkeley, Meteor, Github, Reddit, and Stack Exchange made it happen.

My questions are:

  1. How will language extensions such as footnotes, tables, and emoji be supported? Currently this isn’t clear, although it’s on the radar.
  2. When will some of the organizations mentioned above begin migrating from their current implementations to Standard Markdown?

Read the official announcement on Coding Horror. :clap:

Update: Standard Markdown is now Common Markdown. And now for a giant-ass rant:

Jesus christ. The stupidity of the Internet never ceases to amaze me. A huge effort was put into making a solid version of Markdown for the world to use. Gratis. And what happens? People bitch and moan about the fucking name until Atwood is forced to change it. What a way to say thanks. What could have had an amazing impact on the community-at-large is now mired in drama. Way to go assholes.

I agree with this comment, from the discussion on the apology post (which should have never had to be posted):

I really couldn’t disagree more with all this.

John Gruber created a bastardized specification and ignored it for years. Meanwhile, Stack Exchange, GitHub, and others essentially “forked” Markdown and made it applicable and useful. So crucial a tool as Markdown was left up to the wilds of the internet to determine what it would become and how applicable it would be.

If the license really states that Markdown is his trademark, well that sucks, but it sounds like he’s just mad because one of his abandoned software projects became really popular and everyone else got the credit for it.

It’s embarrassing that you have to change your domain name and the name of the collaborative effort going on.

John Gruber may be against this effort, but the rest of the world is for it. We’re sorry that you’re upset, John, but your lack of involvement seems to indicate that you didn’t care until you perceived that you lost something.

Additionally: hey John Gruber! Go fuck yourself. I was really excited about this. You’re an asshat.

Update: Nope. It’s called CommonMark now, because Johnny-boy decided in this one instance it’s not OK to use the word Markdown in the name. Could this get any more petty? Once again, Atwood is being nice. Whatever.