The Phenomenon of Man-Chores

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This post has stuff about religion. My perspective has changed

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This is a pretty funny sound byte I found over on Odeo. It makes me wonder if men in other countries are also the designated jar openers; I wonder if they are also the high-up-things-getters as well. I believe this natural phenomenon occurs not because women are too weak but because men, at least American men, have this natural desire to, well, open things. And to get things off of high shelves. Especially without a ladder. That makes much more sense.

It’s funny, the things we men do: fetching balls and other toys from the next door neighbor’s yard when they get tossed over; getting things from off of the roof; starting the grill; checking the tire pressure in the cars; feeding the dog. It’s a fairly endless list of things that most guys do.

Not to dig too far into things, but it does occur naturally. I was never told by anyone in my whole life that I needed to be the one to check the mail, I just do it. Same goes for hanging the Christmas lights, painting the trim, changing the light bulbs, or replacing the smoke detector batteries. Have you noticed this same phenomenon? What kinds of man-chores do you end up doing\?