MSDN TV: Migrating from ASP to ASP.NET

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I didn’t realize how easy it is to migrate a page written in classic ASP to ASP .NET, well technically VBScript to VB.NET. It seems like the .NET team has really put a lot of thought into the migration for classic ASP developers like me.

Learn some of the differences when moving from VBScript-based ASP pages to Visual Basic.NET-based pages running inside of ASP .NET. Stefan Schackow demonstrates dealing with changes in variable declaration syntax, subroutine usage and inline code, data access with ADO , and VB-style error handling.

Steven sums it up:

I think that overall you’ll find that actually migrating your ASP to ASP .NET code is reasonably straightforward, and the benefits that you get in terms of the new coding model and the new programming functionality that we have in ASP .NET 1.1 makes the migration well worth the effort.