Here is a Method That is Helping Us to Rank Higher and Get More Traffic

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Everyone wants to be number one in Google and we all want more traffic to our website. We’ve been using a very simple method lately and it’s proven extremely effective.

The proof is in the pudding

Just so you know that it works, here are a couple of terms we’ve targeted lately and our rankings for them.

Search TermRank in Google
cost of creating a website for a business1
how much does a 10 page website cost1
professional arizona web site design2/18*

*With and without quotes respectively

It’s all in the TITLE

So how’d we do it? It’s really simple. We included keywords in our titles.

That’s it. Our secondary headings (titles on pages and blog posts) include those terms in a natural way that is both relevant to users and search engines.

Keywords are important too

Of course the keywords themselves are important, but it’s relative simple to get a good list of terms that people are searching for. In fact, we know of a professional Arizona web site design company that can help you out ;)

You need a good website

It’s worth noting that if your website is not properly structured (the HTML markup is borked) you’re not going to do so hot with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. So make sure you’ve got a good foundation to work with and then go to town.

Ed. Links modified to reflect the new website location. Note: Rankings were as of the time of writing.