Drink of Choice

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

What’s your drink of choice? Mine? It’s a Long Island Iced Tea. I love the fact that it contains five or six different kinds of liquor (depending on the recipe): triple sec, light rum, gin, vodka, tequila, and sour mix. The simple fact that it has gin is enough, but it goes a step further with the tequila, and one more with the rum.
Mary, she’s a Rum and Diet kind of gal. I like Rum and Diet on plane rides. I don’t know what it’s, but it always tastes better on a plane. The same goes for Bud Light, except at a ballpark. I’m not much of a Rum and Diet fan anymore, otherwise.

I used to enjoy a good Orange Juice and Tequila. That is, until one night that I got drunk. Until that night, I had never been drunk and after that night, I have never been drunk. Nonetheless, that night ruined a great beverage for me. I must have been making them too strong.

I enjoy how strong a Long Island is. I get annoyed whenever I ask for a Long Island at a restaurant and all I get is some highly sweetened, super-carbonated fruit drink that has no hint of alcohol.

So tonight, we’re here sipping Rum and Diet. Even though it’s not my number one choice, my companion most certainly is. She makes up for the missing Long Island. In fact, she’s a little like one—a little tan and always fun, great alone or around others. Even though the bartenders at restaurants rarely make them perfect, my wife is just right.

So what is your favorite drink? If you could compare yourself to one, what would it be? What would your spouse be?