Fair Dinkum Phrases From Our Cobbers Down Under

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This post has stuff about politics. My perspective has changed

Our friends James, Danielle, and their daughter Zoe just visited from Australia. It feels like we spent most of our time eating but we watched a couple of movies, listened to music, and gabbed.

Our poor girls were really sick most of the time, both Maddie and Zoe had to go to the doctor! It was kinda funny though because Zoe was diagnosed with “the vomiting” and “the diarrhea.”

I especially enjoyed learning about the Australian culture, politics, and lexicon and since we learned so many cool phrases, I thought I’d share a few.

  • Bloke

A guy- Cobber

- Fair dinkum

Genuine, reliable
- G’day

Hello- Geeza

- Lolly

- Preggers

- Sheila

A sheila (girl or woman)
- Smackers

Money (usually notes)

A note about pronunciation: Aussies don’t pronounce their R’s, so you should pretty much leave them out. For example, Fair Dinkum would be pronounced “Feh Dinkum.”