Set Up An Entire Dev Computer With One File

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It’s painful to set up a new computer. You need Git/ SVN , an IDE and Node.js to get started. And then there’s all the packages, scripts, and aliases. It’s a headache and I don’t like it. So I made this dev setup script to install everything I need in one shot.

It has only been tested as a whole with Ubuntu 12.04, although each of the individual sections have been tested pretty well. Sources are documented in the script, so check it out.

The only three things you have to do

  1. Copy and paste the dev setup script into a file called

  2. Make the file executable with chmod +x

  3. Run ./

This is all you have to do to have all the base stuff you need to get running on your fresh dev box. However, if you want to configure Git, there are a couple more things you need to do, but it’s not hard at all:
* Before you run it, open up the script and modify the $USERNAME and $USEREMAIL variables. This will set your local Git preferences.

  • Once it’s done you will have an SSH key sitting in your clipboard. You need to go log into GitHub and paste it to your list of SSH keys.

What gets installed

I encourage you to look through the source, it’s not that bad. Basically it installs the following software (and dependencies):
* Google Chrome

  • Sublime Text 2

  • Node.js

  • Git

  • Subversion

  • LAMP server

Once it’s done it will update and upgrade all packages in the system. If this is a fresh install you might be here for a while.

Get it

You can download the dev setup script on GitHub. Feel free to fork, comment and commit this into something truly tested and useful.