How to Fix a Broken Dryer

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Dryer Diagram

We just got a smokin deal on some appliances that we found on Craigslist—a fridge, washer, and dryer for $500! They’re all fairly new, look great, and function well. Er, well the fridge and washer do. The dryer on the other hand, has been a little iffy. Ok so it takes 4 hours to dry anything. Obviously I want to fix it but I wasn’t really sure where to start. Yay for the internet (and Stumbleupon! I was able to find out how to repair my dryer in no time! I’ll give it a shot and report back to you how it goes. In the meantime check out this great article on dryer repair.

A dryer is a sturdy machine that will usually last for many years. The most common problem is also the easiest to fix: a buildup of lint. In addition, the electrical cord can fail. Switches, the timer and the timer motor, thermostats and the heating element can all fail. The drive belt and idler can malfunction. Many of these problems you can resolve yourself without calling a costly service person.

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