Mmm, I Sure Loves Me Some Polypropylene Copolymer

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Oh it’s so nice to have a garage again! I love it. I’ve got a place to build stuff and to work on my cars so I don’t have to worry about mechanics like that overcharging me. It still has boxes and totes piled everywhere from the move but I think that’s understandable since we moved less than a month ago. Mary is so good at packing and unpacking and cleaning and making things livable that we’ll probably be taking care of the mess within the next couple of weeks anyway.

I am a little bummed though because my old truck has already leaked on the nicely painted floors. I threw a box down under where it leaks but I’m wondering if it still managed to stain. Car Guy Garage has some nice garage flooring. The Diamond flooring looks especially good. Mmm, polypropylene copolymer. I love our painted floor but I think the tiled poly flooring is a little easier to clean…I’m about to Man Badge myself for this post ;) Is your garage all decked out? Do you even care? What do you think about Jay’s green garage\?