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Zoë Keating is a cellist and composer based in San Francisco. She uses layers and layers of cello to create densely textured, rhythmically and melodically rich landscapes of sound. Her music appeals to a wide spectrum of listeners, from fans of post-rock to acoustic ambient to classical. (Check out the rest of the review on the CD Baby, it’s really good).

> CD Baby: > ZOE > KEATING > : One Cello x 16: Natoma> . 16 Dec 2005. [Online] > CD Baby

And from her website (regarding her latest CD):

> One Cello x 16> , is an ongoing project in which I layer the natural sound of the cello to create rhythmically dense musical structures. Other than sampling and repetition, I do not manipulate the sound of my acoustic cello in any way.

> Zoë Keating: Projects> 16 Dec 2005. [Online] > Zoë Keating> .

If you’d like to hear Zoë explain the concept and the process, there’s a great interview on NPR. There are also tons of sound clips and other media on the official Zoë Keating website.