20 Things That Make Me Happy

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In the event that I somehow allow life’s circumstances to get me down, this list should help to remind me that there are at least 20 things that make me happy (in no particular order):

  • Eating food
  • Design/typography
  • Companionship
  • Boating or camping on Lake Powell
  • Talking to my kids on the phone
  • Athiesm/Agnosticism
  • Riding a motorcycle
  • Watching a sci-fi flick
  • New music and live shows
  • Learning new stuff
  • Smoking, oh how I miss it!
  • Traveling (US or abroad)
  • The interwebz
  • Writing, mostly blogging
  • Linux and the GPL
  • Think tanks
  • Sex, nuf said
  • Vector illustration
  • Asian emoticons (#^_^#)
  • Being vegetarian