Installing MySQL on Windows

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Man, I tried to install MySQL before on our server and I failed miserably. Of course they didn’t have the neat Installer like they do now. What with all of those sweet graphics and stuff, it looks almost fun! This would be a great option for those who don’t want to use or can’t afford Microsofts’ SQL Server or MSDE . Dude, if I could install this, and then install PHP (yeah right, that one failed miserably too), I could then install WordPress. Hm. That would rob me of the satisfaction of creating my own blog app, which I must say seems to be getting pretty good.

Back in the days of classic ASP , if you were building a database-driven web site, your choice was either to invest a lot of money to get a copy of Microsoft SQL Server (or some other enterprise-ready database) or invest a lot of time finding a way to deal with the performance and scalability limitations of Microsoft Access. Luckily these days there’s another viable alternative: MySQL.