Get Outdoors for the Winter

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Sunrise at Lake Powell

Mary and I used to go camping whenever we could. But since we had the kids we’ve only been camping once—my folks watched Madeline for a few days while we camped out on the lake. I must say that camping on the lake is really the way to go. Gosh I love waking up to the sun shining over a huge canyon wall, where all you can hear is the gentle ripple of the water. It’s utterly relaxing. [end dream sequence]

Contrary to what one might believe, this is a really fun time of the year to go camping. In fact, Mary and I got hitched in January and for our honeymoon we took a big houseboat out on the lake. You’ve got to have the right gear for sure though. When I was in China I picked up a great North Face Jacket kinda like this one and it served me very well. There are some really nice Columbia jackets that would also do the trick. My sister had one for a while—I always liked the way that it looked. They seem to be fitted really well.

At any rate, in my experience if you have a good sleeping bag, a good jacket, and a tent large enough that you don’t touch the sides at night, you’re good to go. Oh and because it’s pretty cold right now not a lot of people will be out. You’ll get the best, most beautiful spots.