Land line

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A rotary telephone from 1922
Bell telephone magazine, by .

I guess I should check the CyanogenMod blog more often. Apparently in August they created a Device Status roster which lists the devices which are supported as of the current build… my Galaxy Nexus is not on that list.

With Google gutting Android and Verizon making it harder to root phones, my options for a full-featured, Open-Source-capable smart phone are getting pretty slim.

My contract is up so maybe I could run Ubuntu Phone on T-Mobile with a used Galaxy Nexus 4. Who am I kidding, at this point I doubt Ubuntu Phone will ever see the light of day.

Or maybe I should get the Flame, Mozilla’s reference developer phone for Firefox OS. It actually looks promising, and it’s super cheap at $170! Honestly, I’m really considering it.

I could always go for the nuclear option: a land line. ::shudder::