First thoughts

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Most everything here is a first thought: it’s stream-of-conciousness, edited in real-time, but mostly unedited. It’s captured as it happens, or briefly after. It’s raw and emotional. Maybe it doesn’t make perfect sense, but surely it conveys the mood.

It’s all practice—a warm-up, for nothing.

It’s compost on the pile, feeding into itself and sprouting new first thoughts. Some of it is garbage that shouldn’t have been published; Other parts are kitchen scraps fermenting away in the archives, building into new ideas and taking on a life of their own.

There are no set topics; themes emerge over time. You never know what you’re going to get. Here’s how Elizabeth Spiers puts it:

…this is a personal site, and it’s going to have the sometimes awkward oscillations between the serious and the frivolous that any personal site would. Which probably makes for an inconsistent, not terribly coherent read. I don’t feel bad about that, because this is not a discrete media publication; it’s just a reflection of my interests, thoughts, moods, etc. And even in the context of stand-alone media publications, I think that sort of dissonance is relevant.

I’ve been reading Writing Down the Bones. What a nice little book.