How to Paint Like Banksy (or at Least Keep Your Brush Looking Good)

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If you haven’t heard of Banksy go check him out now then come back. I can’t tell you how to be seriously creative and funny nor will I condone graffiti. So pretty much this post is about how to keep your brush nice and clean.

My paint brush is almost 6 years old and has that cruddy build-up around the top third of it. This was a timely tip via Gomestic

If your old paint brushes are hard and crusty, soak them in hot vinegar until soft then clean with warm sudsy water as usual.

And since we’re on the topic of painting I thought I’d post these tips from

  • > Dip the brush directly into the paint up to 13 of the length of the bristles.This stops the brush from being overloaded with paint and prevents dripping.
  • > Tap both sides of the brush lightly against the side of the can or pail. This loads the paint more on the interior of the brush.
  • > Do not scrape the paint off the brush by dragging across the edge of the bucket. That just removes the paint and makes the brush ineffective.