5 Essential Office Supplies I Should Have for My New Job

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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Okay, now that I’ve started a new job I should probably make my area look a little more “me.” Sorry for the “Things I Want” posts, but I just think this stuff is really fun and creative.

Build your own bonsai


I’ve never been too good with plants. Mary got me a cactus once and I somehow managed to kill it. How do you kill a cactus? Well I certainly couldn’t handle a real bonsai tree but this one would certainly been fun! This is number one on my list of creative office supplies for my new job.

Punctuated page markers


Alright this is a good one, and a definite must. I’m issued a top secret (not really) Engineer Notebook for all my GoDaddy-related ideas and inventions. It would be really helpful to mark those especially important pages with these suckers.

Inanimate character stickers


I’m not sure how GoDaddy would feel about me plastering these stickers to my phone and monitor but I think it would really make them come to life. ;)

Non-planner date-book


These last two aren’t really things that I could use because I use my Treo for all my tasks and calendaring BUT , if I didn’t, and I decided to use actual paper for something I would definitely want these. First off, the non-planner date-book. Just look at it, it’s so messy and bubbly. Hey that’s fun.

Connect the dots calendar


Alright, last on the list is the connect the dots calendar. You actually draw a picture during the course of the month just by marking the days off. Each dot is a day.