Here's How I Keep My Computer Files Tidy

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Time Bomb

Well it may not be spring any more (at least here in Arizona), but it still feels like Spring Cleaning time to me. Mary and I have been on a cleaning spree at home, throwing stuff out, Freecycling, and pairing down most everything we have to the bare essentials. I do this on a regular basis with the files I store on my computer as well.

I’ve made this process a little easier on myself by using a VB Script. It’s a little more complicated than using a pretty and polished piece of software, but it’s free, and that’s hard to beat. All it does is look for files in a specific folder and compares the date to the maximum file age, which you set. If the file is older than that date it will be deleted permanently.

Because the file gets deleted you should only run this on folders that don’t have anything important. I have a temp directory where I put my downloads and other, well, temporary files that I won’t be using again. Just change two lines to mark your preferences: Const DELPATH should be the full path to the folder you want to clean up. Const DELAGE should be the maximum age in days that you want to keep your files.

Download the VB Script (for Windows Only): Delete Files by Age (3KB)

Photo by geishaboy500. Script by Eric Phelps