How Humidity Made Me Like Arizona

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As an Arizona native you get tired of hearing the whole “dry heat” bit. It’s not funny when comedians say it, and it does not excuse the fact that we live in an oven. But the truth is that it really does make a difference.

Texas feels a lot like Arizona, but the humidity makes it miserable. I used to call Texas the “armpit of America,” not because I didn’t like the place, but because it felt like an armpit. A giant armpit so filled with sweat that a herd of manatees would feel right at home.

I’d say that Texans probably experience a substantial degree of weather-envy when it comes to the humidity. Of course Texas has Austin which somehow offsets the fact that the universal descriptor for any city in Texas is “muggy.”

Mardi Gras used to be the scapegoat for Louisiana. Sure it was still hot, but at least nobody had to wear shirts. Now all they have is heat, humidity and a really hard name to spell.

See how this works? Arizona has a giant hole in the ground…not nearly as impressive as half naked people dancing in the streets. So Mother Nature had to give us a break on the humidity thing.

But Cambodia seriously got the short end of the stick. It’s hotter than Phoenix, and more humid than Houston. So maybe shirts are optional but lets face it, poverty does not offset poor weather. We should all be happy we don’t live in Cambodia.