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Hello readers of Atomic Euphonic, Biz Love Local, and Bajooter. If you’ve been redirected from one of those web sites it’s because I’ve done something crazy. I consolidated all of my blogs here, under The Young Bostons. You can access every post I’ve ever done from Blogger, Bajooter, Atomic Euphonic, Biz Love Local and The Young Bostons right here.

I’ve just been so spread thin lately that I’ve really had the need to simplify. I need to focus my energy. This means that instead of 4 blogs to keep updated and three CMSs to keep patched I only have one; Instead of 5 email accounts to check, I only have one. Life just got a whole heck of a lot simpler for me.

Lastly, I’ve put forwarders on each of those domains to redirect here and once they expire I don’t think I’ll renew them. If you have an email address in your Address Book for me, make sure it’s updated to dustin [at] theyoungbostons [dot] com.